Why not make Mexico a state?

Why not make Mexico a state?
By Coach Semanko

Why doesn’t the USA just make Mexico the 51st state? Do you realize how many problems could be solved by doing this?
It would make all Mexican citizens, American citizens, which is eventually going to happen anyways with Obama’s power grabbing -government in place, and it’s every Mexicans dream. It would stop the bickering in Congress and around the country. Americans would be able to go to Mexico without a passport, just like the Mexicans (illegals) come to America now. The US could benefit from tourism growth by developing more vacation places in Mexico.

We would have our work cut out for us though, because Mexico is literally a Cesspool of corruption.
We’d have to wipe out vicious gangs, drug cartel, dirty cops, dirty politicians, and a corrupt government. Oh wait, I just described the USA!
It makes more sense to combine resources with the “State” of Mexico, rather than give away US taxpayer resources to Illegal Aliens from the “Country” of Mexico, invading the USA.

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