By Michael Savage

Okay everybody, Scalia’s death. Let’s start it from another point of view. Let’s say, God forbid, it’s the most extremist justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who never should have been appointed, she was a former head of the ACLU, yet she was ushered in by the Republican RINO’s who have destroyed America. Let’s say, even though she’s been sick with cancer for over 10 years, suddenly she goes to a remote resort in Texas, she eschews Secret Service, and she goes to sleep saying I’m tired at 9:00, she’s found fully clothed in the morning with her pajamas on without a wrinkle on the bed, with her hands folded over her chest, with a pillow over her head.

Question: do you think the left would be screaming foul play if a Republican were in office like Donald Trump and only a few months left to go? Do you think the left would be screaming that Donald Trump would have no right to appoint anyone to the Supreme Court? Do you think they would be demanding an autopsy and a full federal investigation?

Now let’s begin the Savage Nation. Because that’s exactly what happened yesterday with Justice Scalia. The question is, is it a conspiracy theory to ask questions that are so obviously in need of answer, or is it just common sense. And where is the common sense both in the press and the Republican Party. The answer is nowhere. And that’s why I am Michael Savage.

Now let’s add this to the puzzle, let us say god forbid the most extremist left-wing justice is found dead with a pillow over her head at a remote resort with no secret service and there’s no autopsy. Let’s add a little bit more, let’s say the resort was owned by a Republican Party donor and a Donald Trump award winner. Are you kidding? Well that’s important for you to understand. Because we have a picture of Barack Obama shaking hands with John Poindexter. A Texas millionaire businessman, who is also a donor to the Democrat party, who also received an award from Barry Obama, related to his service in Viet Nam. You see, Mr. Poindexter, is the owner of the Cibolo Creek Ranch that Supreme Court Justice Scalia was found dead at this weekend. Did you know any of this?

Now the question is, if it was Poindexter who reportedly was among those who initially discovered Justice Scalia’s body, who then coordinated closely with local officials to have Justice Scalia declared dead via a phone conversation with the area medical examiner, but without an actual medical examination of the body, do you think the left would be screaming for an autopsy if God forbid it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Shall I give you a little bit more? Mr. Poindexter, the ranch owner who found Scalia’s body was also the primary point man between the ranch location and federal authorities who were slow to arrive on the scene. How come there’s been no request for an autopsy even though reports suggest that a Supreme Court Justice was found with “a pillow over his head,” and he died alone without any witnesses. My friends, something stinks.

Read more at http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/2016/02/was-scalia-murdered/#IZU2DBpAS66dWGGz.99


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