New DNC Ad DENIES existence of radical Islam after Paris attacks

Posted by The Right Scoop on Nov 20, 2015 at 5:17 PM

By The Right Scoop

Just after Hillary Clinton said “Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”, the DNC has come out with a new ad denying the existence of radical Islam. Keep in mind this ad is aired only days after the Paris attacks, of which were perpetrated by the Islamic State! Denying reality won’t make it go away!

The ad deceives it’s viewers, suggesting that Republicans are equating all Muslims with terrorists. But that’s simply not true. In every instance they quote from Republicans, they are all saying ‘radical’ before each phrasing, to denote that they aren’t referring to all Muslims, but rather just the radical ones, the jihadists.

Now of course we know that Islam itself is radical, but I understand the phrasing that politicians use to avoid being accused of a blanket statement about all Muslims. But this ad accuses them anyway, regardless of what they say.

And then to use Bush, a man they absolutely hate, just to bolster this false argument that Hillary is now spouting that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism, is ridiculous. As if Bush can’t be wrong? They thought the was wrong about nearly everything else, but on this they hold him up as an authority on the subject?

The whole ad is ridiculous on its face because we continually see the evidence of what they are denying, and the American people as a whole just aren’t so stupid as to believe an ad like this when their eyes and ears tell them something completely different.

But hey, since when have Democrats ever cared about the truth?

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