Donald Trump: If I Become President I Will Conduct An Investigation On Hilary Clinton

Donald Trump: If I Become President I Will Conduct An Investigation On Hilary Clinton For Her Crimes. The Only Reason Why She’s Running For President Is Because She Doesn’t Want To be Imprisoned

November 10, 2015
By Theodore Shoebat

Donald Trump promised that if he became president he will conduct an investigation on Hilary Clinton for crimes, and he also said that the only reason why she’s running is because she wants to keep herself away from jail. According to the report:

Speaking at a presidential campaign rally in Springfield, Illinois, Trump assailed Clinton for her controversial email practices at the State Department. Trump asserted that Clinton committed a “crime.”

“You better remember: There’s a six-year statute of limitations on that crime. So Hillary’s running for a lot of reasons. One of them is because she wants to stay out of jail. Because I am sure — and first of all, everybody gets a fair shake with me — but I am sure whoever the attorney general is, you’ve got a lot of years left on that crime. That’s a crime,” he said.

“If I win, we’re going to look into that crime very, very seriously, folks,” he added. “She’s watching right now and she’s saying to herself, ‘Man, I better win.’ So we have to make our country great again. We have to do it. We’re going to make it so good.”

It looks like Donald Trump, if he wins, will be the Putin of the United States, and thats a good thing! I also strongly hope that he will carry out his promise to be the most pro-Christian president in America’s history, because Christians need a strong leader that will protect them from the evil forces that desire to destroy them. Right now we are working hard every day to help save persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Mexico, and the Levant. We are trying to bring three Christian widows from Iraq to Spain; our team in Pakistan has been conducting missions to free Christian slaves, and in Mexico we are assisting the victims of the drug cartel, specifically widows and their children whose fathers and husbands were murdered by the cartels.


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