MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: You’re only half right if you think Biden won’t run

In today’s issue: “Everyone says Biden won’t run,” Savage told his listeners after the vice president announced from the Rose Garden he would not jump into the race for the Democratic Party nomination.

“Well, they have it half right,” Savage said. “I have a different opinion.”

Nothing that this gang does is by chance.

Biden was sent out there today to reintroduce himself to the public as an all-around trustworthy guy.

The evil Democrat machine put him in the dugout and in the spotlight today in case Hillary gets destroyed, either by the Benghazi hearing or another one of her numerous scandals.

They’re just putting him up in the dugout, getting him ready to warm him up case she falls.

… What did they put him out there for if he’s not going to run?

He could have put out a press release and said, “I’m not going to run.”

Take a look at the puppet master to his right. Take a look at Hussein Obama to his right, looking on like the long-suffering president. The poor, oppressed, minority president, who has suffered at the hands of the evil Republicans and the evil people of America. Poor old, suffering Obama.

And there’s old Jill looking on. The loyal wife looking on. I don’t know what it would be like to be a wife, I’ll tell you the truth. I thank God I was born a man. That’s all I could say. I don’t know how it is to be an intelligent woman in this world. To have to pretend that you’re looking up to a moron like him. All her life, “Oh, she looked up to him for everything. He’s such a genius, Joe Biden, that there’s old Jill Biden staring at the god himself.”

Joe Biden. Can you imagine getting up every day and having to look at that guy and seeing him putting his dentures in?


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