Russia begins bombings in Syria against ISIS

Russia begins bombings in Syria against ISIS

By Coach Semanko

Russia has begun bombings in Syria, and this is a good thing. Problem is, our idiotic president and his cronies don’t support Russia’s war on ISIS. Why won’t Barry Obama support Putin? This is the million dollar question. Russia has started the “Prelude” bombings in Syria, by dropping bombs on the supporters of ISIS (the Free Syrian Army), to eliminate aid to ISIS by these rogue groups. Our current administration will tell you Russia is in Syria to fight the Syrian Rebels, not ISIS, which is a complete fabrication of the truth. Russia stepped up to the plate, unlike our cowardly president, in the war against Islamic Terrorists. What should we expect from our Muslim sympathizing president? Why does Barry Obama want Assad ousted from Syria? Remember how well this has worked in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, ect. and now Barry wants to get rid of another leader of a Muslim country, that keeps his people in check. Saddam Hussien, despite his evil ways, kept his people in check. Same in Egypt with Hosni Mubarak, and Libya with Muammar Gaddafi, yet Obama and his Gang of Idiots took them out of power. Obama’s middle east policies are the very worst in history, as he puts his own leaders into place, and allows Radical Muslims to take over, and Sharia Law to flourish.

Here is what CNN (Cresent News Network) is saying about the Russian Bombings.

The CNN report also notes that the Russians have given “no geographical information” about where they planned to strike.  That’s a remarkable gesture of contempt, an incredibly reckless and dangerous approach, and possibly an indication that the Russians are planning to blow up some people they think the United States would have warned.

Update, 11:00 AM EST: Further testimony that Russia isn’t primarily interested in bombing ISIS positions, and has caused significant civilian casualties with its first wave of bombings:

Some very interesting words “Russians are planning to blow up some people they think the United States would have warned.”

Of course Obama would warn these Radical Muslims, like he’s done over and over again. Putin asked Obama to have US Aircraft removed from Syria, cowardly Obama has disappeared!

If Obama was serious in the fight against Radical Islam and ISIS, this fight would have been over a long time ago!


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