MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: ‘Catholics, save us from this pope’s collectivist agenda’


Welcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: As Pope Francis arrived in Washington, Dr. Savage called on Roman Catholics to save America from the catastrophic, collectivist ideas promoted at the White House and around the world  by the leadership of their church.

Catholics, Savage said, “are the ones standing on the front lines between us and this insanity.”

To see a pope arise out of nowhere who espouses the very communistic principles that the church opposed — opposed, opposed!

Communism. Priests died under the hands of communists. The communists burned churches, destroyed icons and artifacts in Bolshevik Russia.

Wherever communism has appeared, the church has suffered. Catholics have suffered terribly.

And now we awaken to a man wearing the vestments of the church espousing the very same philosophy as those who persecuted Christians and the church.

Oh, beware the enemy within. He’s everywhere. He’s everywhere now.

Just make sure he’s not inside your own heart. You have to fortify yourself with knowledge. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is really the only thing you have left against these con men and shysters who would steal your very freedom.

Never mind your future. I’m talking about your now. They’ll steal your now from you. Wait until you see what goes on over the next two days.

Wait until you see all of these atheists in Hollywood and in Congress and in the media, who laugh at religious people their whole lives, genuflecting and speaking in somber tones about the pope.


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