Who is Allah, who is Mohammad …… is Islam the religion of peace?

By Bryce Letton

Allah is a false god created by Mohammad who was exiled to the desert for child molestation and bestiality, in the early part of the 6th century A.D.

While wandering, half dead from thirst and hunger Mohammad met Satan, who convinced Mohammad to get revenge on the Christians and Jews by taking aspects of their religions and incorporate them into a new one. Satan gave Mohammad the gifts of great oratory and false modesty along with the power to convince the agnostic and the imbecilic. (Sounds like the gifts Obama has)  Mohammad returned and claimed to have met Allah and proceeded to indoctrinate the non-believers, and the simple minded, making claims that Jesus was a lesser prophet, even lesser than himself. Through his anger towards those that followed the one true God, and with the help of the fallen angel Lucifer, he quickly gathered a large number of followers from the disenfranchised and shunned in the community, and expanded to others nearby. It was not long before he amassed enough for an army and began, at the insistence of Satan, to wage war on the Christians and the Jews. The Koran, written after the death of Mohammad, was interpreted in various manners by tribes in different regions, much like the bible has been, and thus you have Sunni, Shiite and others that have differing views. In most recent history, these differences have allowed certain sects to even declare war on other followers of the Koran. Currently Radical Muslims kill the more peaceful Muslims at rates higher than all others combined.
Muslims are all guilty of idolatry, and because of their indoctrination from birth, or their conversions by the disenfranchised, they do not see the sin.
In Islam, Mohammad taught that taking power from Allah weakened him, because he was never a God, just a fallen angel. In the Jewish and Christian beliefs, God is omnipotent; man receives blessings and gifts of power and wisdom. Islam, through the Koran, teaches subjugation of women and children to the point of slavery and mutilation.


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