July 23, 2015

Just surfing the web and ran into The Daily Kos. What an America Hating Website they have. They also have some brain-washed Idiots like Hunter (see profile here) http://www.dailykos.com/user/Hunter

It’s bad enough when the Left Wing Agitators spin the truth, but to totally make up lies and cover up the truth is sickening. Plus there are Left Wing Whacko Morons that believe them! Take this story for example Armed militia members now staking out military recruiting centers. To ‘protect’ them.

Doesn’t Hunter know what a Militia or a Militia Member is? Doesn’t Hunter know most Militia members are former military and are highly trained in security and firearms? Doesn’t Hunter know that the US Soldiers are not allowed to carry firearms on bases or recruitment centers? Somebody has to guard these soldiers because the military won’t. Doesn’t Hunter know that it was his hero Slick Willie Clinton that took away firearms from military members on bases and recruitment centers? Obviously not, but Hunter doesn’t seem to know a lot about many things, especially when it comes to the military. I wonder…… did Hunter serve his country?


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