MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: We need to clean the Islamic followers and enablers out of the government

jarrett-hillary-obama-muslim-islamWelcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”

In today’s issue: Dr. Savage’s visceral, candid reaction to the terrorist attack in Chattanooga placed much of the blame for the murders on the shoulders of Obama’s cowardly, politically correct administration.

“We have to clean out this government or we’re all dead,” Savage warned his audience.

We need to clean out the government of Islamic followers and Islamic enablers.

I just played you audio of a CNN terrorism expert unsure if a shooter named Mohammod is a Muslim.

Before he got that job, he was the assistant director of the FBI under Barack Obama.

That’s what passes for intelligence in America.

We are all at risk right now because the government has been infiltrated by, if not outright  Islamic sympathizers than pacifists who are going to get us all killed.

Now why did the Department of Homeland Security permit this sub-human to go back and forth to the Middle East without stopping him and investigating?

The answer is because Obama has instructed every department in this country not to look at Muslims no matter what they do until the bomb goes off.

There is a rule in the government and the military: Don’t say “Muslim,” don’t say “Islam.”

They have decapitated the military, the police, the FBI and DHS agents in the field.

I can hardly gaze at the screen.

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