Interior secretary should get her nose out of Redskins business!

Team Obama to Redskins: No new field without name change

Interior secretary holds land purchase hostage

Published: 1 day ago

The White House has issued an ultimatum of sorts to the Redskins football operation, telling the powers-who-be they can’t buy the land they want for a new stadium unless they first change the Washington team’s name.
The Redskins want to buy a parcel of property that’s located near the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, where D.C. United soccer is based, to build a new stadium. But the land is owned by the Park Service. And the Park Service can’t sell it without the secretary of the Interior Department’s permission.

From national security to wasteful government spending to judicial activism, George Allen proves that our government need look no further than the football field, baseball diamond or basketball court to solve today’s pressing problems. It’s all in “What Washington Can Learn From the World of Sports.”

And Secretary Sally Jewell said to Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, the Washington Post reported: We’re not selling unless the Redskins change names.

Bowser has been trying to bring the Redskins back to the capital city.

Jewell, who also oversees the country’s trust and treaty relationships with Native American tribes, has pressed for the football franchise to change its names for a long time.

In an interview last year with ABC News, she said: “Personally, I think we would never consider naming a team the ‘Blackskins’ or the ‘Brownskins’ or the ‘Whiteskins.’ So personally, I find it surprising that in this day and age, the name is not different.”



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