MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: This is the most shameful generation of politicians

In today’s issue: Dr. Savage aired clips from a disturbing speech by former President Bill Clinton in which he described the terror group ISIS as “the most interesting NGO in the world today” – thereby equating it with charities like CARE International and Doctors Without Borders.

Does he want to do business with them?

Maybe he’s looking for a new contract.

So now we have Obama being a propagandist for Iran and Clinton being a propagandist for ISIS.

It seems the Clintons have no bottom to their despicable natures.

Clinton goes on to explain that in previous times, Muslim rulers allowed Christians and Jews to live if they paid a fine.

That sounds like Obama.

He lets Christians and Jews live, too, as long as they pay exorbitant taxes.

Obama also refuses to call the 1915 mass murder of Armenians a “genocide,” in order to placate the murderous Muslims who are now dominating the West.

This is the most shameful generation of politicians Americans have ever had to live through.

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