MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: Barbara Boxer is a hag who should have retired long ago

In today’s issue: In a recent speech about immigration, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., talked about “national security” and “family values.”

As far as Dr. Savage is concerned, she knows nothing about either subject. In fact, she’s putting Israel and America in danger.

“Barbara Boxer is such a hag,” a disgusted Savage told his listeners.

She should retire already and open a brassiere shop.

The vermin on the left are raising the stakes, lying like they’ve never done before.

Now she and the Democrats are pushing millions more illegal aliens down our throats, all in the name of “national security” and “family values.”

Can anyone tell me the last time Barbara Boxer came out in favor of Christianity?

What about traditional marriage?

Those are true family values.

She’s also been stabbing Netanyahu in the back.

You’re letting your boss, Obama, do a backroom deal with Iran, so they can get a nuclear weapon and wipe Israel off the map.

You’re a vicious and duplicitous creature.



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