Michael Savage: We may have to form a conservative Occupy movement to save America

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Looking ahead to the new year, Dr. Savage mused about the steps needed to “save this country” from both Democrats and a Republican leadership addicted to power, money and big government.

The American people, he warned, may have to adopt the extreme tactics of leftist activists if they wish to succeed.

“In January, I’m going to start telling you what the Republicans need to do to save this country,” Savage said to his listeners.

I don’t know if we can do it, but we’ll try.

We’re probably going to have to get in the face of Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the GOP leadership.

We’re probably going to have to become a sort of conservative “Occupy” movement in order to get them to stop screwing us.

I know one rule in life: When Democrats and Republicans get together, the American people are being screwed.

That’s what’s going on right now.

Make no mistake: Boehner wasn’t elected.

He was brought in on the coattails of all the young conservative people that were swept into power.

He and McConnell and the rest of the so-called leaders are hated.

Yet they act like their mandate to keep screwing the American people has been renewed.



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