Michael Jordan: Obama’s a ‘shi##y golfer’

By Judy Kurtz10/30/14 12:12 PM EDT

Michael Jordan is calling the commander in chief a “shitty golfer.”

In an interview for the Back 9 Network, Ahmad Rashad — who’s teed off with Obama on more than one occasion — asks Jordan who he would play in his ideal golf foursome.

“I’ve never played with Obama, but I would,” the basketball Hall of Famer says before quickly appearing to change his mind. “But nah, that’s okay. I’ll take him out. He’s a hack. Man, I’d be all day playing with him.”

“Do you really want to say that?,” Rashad replies, looking into the camera recording the sit-down. “The president of the United States is a hack?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jordan says, in the playful conversation. “I never said he’s wasn’t a great politician, I just said he’s a shitty golfer.”

Rashad quickly comes to the defense of Obama’s putting prowess: “No, he’s not a bad golfer.”

Obama, an avid golfer, has often been a favorite target of critics for his affinity for picking up his clubs. Earlier this month, CBS News noted that he had reached a golfing milestone, having played 200 rounds since becoming president in 2009.


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