Initiative 594 is full of Lies and Deception…….. Vote NO on 594

Initiative 594 is lying and telling partial truths in order to trick the voter. Voters need to be informed of the laws and the facts before they vote on such a deceptive initiative.

Here are the laws in Washington State for purchasing a firearm online……….

Washington State Online Gun Purchase Laws and Procedures 

  1. You make a purchase of a firearm from an online source.
  2. At this time, the company (Seller) will request a local FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder to be sent to them.
  3. You need to locate an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder in your area.. The FFL holder can be a person operating out of their home or a local gun store.
  4. Get the address, phone number, and fax number of the company you made the purchase from and provide that to your FFL holder. The FFL holder will fax or mail their FFL to the company you made the purchase from. You may be asked to fill out ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) forms at this time.
  5. Upon receipt of payment and FFL, the company will send the firearm to your local FFL holder.
  6. When the FFL holder received the firearm, they will call you.
  7. You go meet with the FFL holder. At this time, you will provide payment to the FFL holder for their services. If you have not filled out the ATF forms and undergone the background check, you will have to do so. After you have passed the background check, and waited the required 5 days, you can pick up your firearm. If you have a Washington State Concealed Carry Permit, the waiting period is waived, and you can pick up your firearm immediately, as you have already passed a federal background check.

You can NOT purchase a firearm online and have it sent to your house. If you want to buy a gun online from any seller in another state, they can’t just mail the gun to your doorstep. The Gun Control Act of 1968 strictly regulates direct mail of virtually all firearms across state lines, save for antiques. Again, the seller has to ship the gun to a federally licensed dealer. The buyer would then have to go to that dealer, fill out paperwork, and undergo a background check before picking up the gun.

Supporters of 594 want you to believe that you can have a firearm shipped right to your door, but you CAN’T!

It’s still a felony for any private seller to knowingly sell a gun to someone who likely couldn’t pass a background check because of their criminal record or history of mental illness.
You can see who has donated money in favor of initiative 594………….. It speaks volumes!

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