Sorry, Antonio: No Political Upside for the Media to Cover Your Murder


The Chicago Sun-Times reports that 9 year-old Antonio Smith was upset after his mother told him he couldn’t have a cupcake.

He ran out of his family’s Chicago apartment and was murdered; shot multiple times.

No one yet knows who murdered him or why.

The national media might give this a mention here and there — you know, get on record; check the box  — but the national media are too busy hoping their rabid speculation and divisive race-baiting in Ferguson, Missouri, will eventually pay off.

Antonio was 9.

Still, the national media and America’s civil rights racial grifters won’t give a damn because there is no political upside in giving a damn — not in Chicago. Not in a city that on paper should be a Gun-Free Utopia after decades of purely Democrat rule. 

No one in the national media has the courage to investigate root causes anywhere leftwing policies have been in place unabated for nearly a half-century. 

Sorry, Antonio, if you’re black and there’s no political upside for them, you just don’t matter to the media or the Civil Rights mob.

Even if you were only nine years-old.

Gee, I wonder if he was killed by a Black Gang Member? 

This is so sad, a real tragedy that should have never happened.  It does not compare to the shooting of the thug in Ferguson. Why won’t Obama and Holder even acknowledge this murder of an innocent little boy? Because if doesn’t benefit thier race war that they are fanning the flames of! What benefit is there to exploit thier race war when a black shoots a black, or a white shoots a white?  NONE

Thousands of blacks are shot by other blacks every year, yet we never hear about many of them, unless our politicians can somehow benefit from them. Many whites are shot by blacks every year, yet the same holds true…… we never hear about them. Now, if a white shoots a black, it’s all over the news, and an instant “Hate Crime”. 

There should be outrage over this murder, yet it’s hidden in the media. I’d be willing to bet, if you’re reading this, it’s the first time you have heard about it!




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