Liberals Live Longer Than Conservatives

By Ted Quick

Considering that the very person responsible for the targeting of conservative-, Tea Party-, church-groups and the like at the IRS is now in charge of the IRS office of Obamacare, that headline is potentially plausible.  It is logical to assume that questions such as what books do you read, what is the content of your prayers and what is in your Facebook posts, are the kinds of questions that could be asked when we conservatives apply for medical assistance under Obamacare.  While none are actually legitimate questions, they appear to be critical to those who have no moral compass.

Conservatives’ requests for tax-free status have been delayed for up to 27 months by the IRS: those same delays, under Obamacare, could result in the deaths of hundreds, thousands and possibly millions of people.  Liberals might think this fair; after all, they have ended the lives of nearly 50 million never-to-be-born probable leftist voters since Roe v. Wade and targeting conservatives by delaying medical care seems logical and could rectify that disparity.  While the IRS’s most recent game was subversive, corrupt, unethical and immoral, at least it wasn’t a matter of life and death.  But now?  One hates to consider.

It is revolting that in America, this is even a topic!



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