Congress to investigate SEAL Team 6 Deaths

AUDIO….Michael Savage: Congress to investigate SEAL Team 6 Deaths


Were the killings of Seal Team 6 an accident or murder?
Posted: August 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
God Bless our Troops!

Is it just me, or does it seem really odd that the same Seal Team 6 that took down Bin Laden, now happen to be killed all at once in an unrelated incident? It just goes to show I was right all along. We didn’t kill Bin Laden, he was dead already. We have no pictures, no body, and no video……NO PROOF WHATSOEVER! Obama’s puppets are shutting people up so the American People do not find out the truth! Yes I’m saying it…. Obama’s Cronies murdered Seal Team 6! It all stems back to Obamas FAKE birth certificate released in April 2011. It was so fake and questioned by so many people, that Obama needed a good wag the dog type of scemerio to get the american peoples mind off of his huge fraudulent lie! So, 4 days later the Bin Laden Raid was dreamed up, and it had most Americans beleiving the story, but not me! I didn’t buy it from the second I heard it, and I wrote a short article explaining my beliefs. Now we hear about the Seal Team that was killed, and nobody is asking questions. It blows my mind how brain dead most Americans really are! Here is the tragic story………………

Tragic Details Emerge on SEAL Team 6′s Fatal Rescue Mission

August 7th, 2011 2:42 PM ET
Yesterday’s news that 30 U.S. troops had died when the Taliban shot down a helicopter, marking the deadliest day for Americans in the war in Afghanistan, was met with mourning across the nation. Furthermore, details emerged that 22 of the troops killed were members of Navy SEAL Team 6, the elite unit that carried out the operation that killed Osama bin Laden (although none of those who died were participants in his death themselves). Considering how few members of the armed forces are Navy SEALs, the loss was called “unbearable.”

More reports are being released on the fatal operation. The U.S. Navy Seals and other troops in the helicopter were on a rescue mission, the Associated Press reports, according to two U.S. officials. They were rushed to the mountainous area in eastern Afghanistan to help a U.S. Army ranger unit that was under fire from insurgents. The rescue team had completed the mission, subdued the attackers, and were departing when their helicopter was hit.

The Telegraph reports that a spokesman for the Taliban movement said the craft had been shot down with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) from as close as 150 yards, soon after it took off. “Ambushing” aircrafts as they take off or land is apparently a common tactic of insurgents in parts of southern and eastern Afghanistan. The Telegraph further notes that “RPGs are short-ranged, inaccurate weapons for hitting aircraft and while Taliban fighters regularly fire them at helicopters, it is rare to bring them down.” Thus, the close range and the fact the helicopter was vulnerable while taking off could have conspired to make a “lucky shot,” according to one official.

While this certainly seems heartbreaking, other have interpreted this as news that these deaths do not signify increased power or sophistication in the Taliban. “We are not seeing it as a game changer,” an official told the Telegraph. “This was not a new tactic and it wasn’t a new weapon.” Now NATO is undertaking an operation to rescue the remains of the helicopter. Shahidullah Shahid, the Wardak provincial spokesman, said there were reports of Taliban casualties overnight, according to the Associated Press. The Telegraph further reports that eight insurgents were killed in the initial raid, and a further 12 were killed in subsequent fighting, according to a spokesman for Wardak’s governor.

Bin Laden is dead, but how, and when? by Coach Semanko (5-1-2011 1142 pm)

So we hear today that Bin Laden is dead. God Bless our Troops, they are the best this world has to offer! Great news for America, the World’s Most wanted Terrorist is dead, but there are too many holes in the story to praise Obama too much yet, in my opinion. Do I celebrate the killing of this animal, and give some credit to Obama? Yes, but there are holes in the story, and I have questions. While I do give Obama some credit for the heroic operation, I still disagree with all of his policies. Funny how the left (Liberals) are against Guns, Violence, and the Military, and are now celebrating a violent killing with Guns and Military. The early reports were Bin Laden was killed 4 days to a week ago by an airstrike. Now it seems we had agents storm a compound he was in, and killed him in a hail of gunfire. I’m not buying the hail of gunfire story, and I’ll tell you why. The US has rules of engagement in Afghanistan, that forbid shooting into Pakistan. That means if the enemy crosses into Pakistan from Afghanistan and shoots at a US troop, the US is not allowed to fire back. Nice rule huh? Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, which is far from the border with Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are stationed, and the attack on Bin Laden’s compound would have likely needed Pakistan involvement of some kind. But the Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, denies any Pakistani involvement. Maybe they are saying that to save face, we don’t know. The original story that broke (you can’t find this story anymore) says Bin Laden was killed in an unmanned drone attack on the compound he was living in. The story also said it happened last week, and the US was waiting on DNA testing to assure it was Bin Laden. Now an airstrike from a drone makes all the sense in the world. You’d only have to have a few people on the ground, maybe even just one to direct the drone to the target once intelligence was collected. To do what Obama suggested, storming the compound and taking out Bin Laden in a hail of gunfire, sounds way too extreme, and not very possible in a country that is not friendly to Americans, and where American Soldiers are not allowed. Although we do have the very best military in the entire world, and we do have the capabilities to work under the radar, I’m putting this part of the story on the back burner for further investigation. Now we find out Bin Laden was buried at sea? How long does DNA testing take? Where did we get his DNA to begin with? Does anybody find these things a little suspicious? I sure do!

I can’t fathom how any rational thinking person can believe such a wild story made up by our government, why didn’t we cut off his head and put it at Ground Zero? He sure did nothing to deserve any special treatment like we supposedly gave him. I’m sure while we were killing Bin Laden, another team found Elvis in the compound beside Bin Ladens, but on the way back to the US, crashed into the ocean…… Elvis is gone forever! We may never know the truth about any of this, but one thing is for sure…… Our Government thinks it’s citizens are Idiots! Somebody out there is either really stupid for letting the burial at sea take place, or they are trying to make Obama look bad by giving conspiracy theorists a ton of ammunition to work with. So what is the government trying to cover up, or take our minds off of? I believe Obamas Gang is trying to take our minds off of the Libya Debacle, and the Birth Certificate Issue. Yes, he released one, but Obama is getting drilled by consipracy theorists from eveywhere, tearing apart the authenticity of this long form birth certificate, and he is crumbling at every corner. What better way to get this off of the minds of the “Sheeple”, than to catch America’s Most Wanted Terrorist! What better way to make Obama look like a great man, even to those that have loathed him in the past? Do I think Bin Laden is dead? Yes I do. Do I think he was killed in a hail of gunfire? I’m not sure about how or when he died, but does it really matter how? You can believe the entire story the government feeds you, but I’m going to be more skeptical until more details are released.

There are rumors, conspiracy theories if you will, of the USA having Bin Ladens body frozen since 2002, when it was rumored he had died from kidney failure. The story goes on to say then president Bush was going to use the Bin Laden capture if he needed a political advantage. Kind of like the political advantage Obama needs right now. Other stories have Bin Laden dying in 2007, in Pakistan, as reported by Pakistani presidental candidate Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto was assassinated 2 days later! Was somebody trying to shut somebody up? Was the US trying to coverup something by dumping Bin Laden’s body in the ocean, where it will never be found? Was it frozen? We will never know because there is now no way to ever have the body examined. This story is not going to just go away, it’s going to grow to enormous proportions with all the conspiracy theorists’ out there. This will either make, or break Obama……….. We’ll have to see how the details turn out! Bin Laden’s supposed killing, came 8 years to the day after Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech, suggesting that this time the mission is well and truly accomplished.


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