Benghazi witness: State Dept told me not to meet with congressional investigators

Benghazi witness: State Dept told me not to meet with congressional investigators

WASHINGTON — The star witness at Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing on Benghazi said that a top State Department official called him after he met with a congressional delegation demanding a report from the meeting and upset that a State Department lawyer was not present.

“I was instructed not to allow the RSO, the acting deputy chief of mission — me — to be personally interviewed,” said Gregory Hicks, the fomer Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya, who was in Tripoli at the time of the Benghazi attack. He said that was the first time administration lawyers had told him not to talk to a congressional delegation, and that a lawyer attempted to be present during the meeting. Deputy chief of mission for the U.S. in Libya Gregory Hicks testified Wednesday that he was told not to meet with a congressman sent to investigate the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. Hicks said a State Department lawyer accompanied the delegation and attempted to be in every single meeting he was involved in.
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