Why left viciously attacks RGIII, Dr. Ben Carson

Why left viciously attacks RGIII, Ben Carson
‘There’s too much political correctness going on in our country’

Deneen Borelli is outreach director at Freedomworks and author of “Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving America to the Government Plantation.”

Borelli said. “I applaud RGIII for being vocal because this isn’t the first time that he’s done so. I applaud him for speaking out because there is a big concern about too much political correctness going on in our country, and there are way too many people who are just staying silent on the issue.”

Borelli said the liberal culture fiercely condemns anyone who dares to challenge the ideology of the left, but she said there is special venom reserved for conservative blacks who dare to speak their minds.

“It’s all about control. The people on the left are unable to control people’s words and their actions. When you have someone like RGIII or someone like Dr. Benjamin Carson, even myself, who was vocal about liberty and people being independent and not relying on the government for example, that’s a problem for those on the left who want to control the message,” said Borelli, who noted that the liberal fear of independent thought is especially evident in the hostility aimed at Dr. Carson. She said his life is the embodiment of what is great about America, but his personal ideology makes him a target of scorn from the left instead.
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