Mr. Maddow Worries ‘Hunger Strike at Gitmo is a Real Crisis’

That Hunger Strike at Gitmo is a ‘Real Crisis’, Rachel Maddow Worries

More potential jihadist attacks against American civilians in the wake of the Boston bombings? Not worthy of further attention from Rachel Maddow. Instead, Maddow is more concerned with that “real crisis” down at Guantanamo, of prisoners starving themselves.

If future media critics ever want a quintessential example of the Maddow show, they could do worse than watch her program from April 30, 2013. And after cringing through it, they’ll want a bleach bath…..

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Who cares if these prisoners “Kill themselves” from refusing to eat? Not me! Who cares if they all kill each other in Syria, or anywhere else for that matter? Not me! The US should just keep their nose out of other countries business………. to an extent anyways!


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