US Border Patrol arrests “Illegal Alien” Teacher at a High School in Washington State

Border patrol arrests teacher at LRHS
By Roger S Lucas (Coulee Dam Wa.)

The Spanish teacher at Lake Roosevelt High School, Guillermo Guzman, was arrested Thursday by U.S. Border Patrol Agents and Coulee Dam Police on a number of federal charges, and is currently in Okanogan County Jail.

Among a list of charges that Police Chief Pat Collins said was expanding: Guzman had used someone else’s Social Security number, wasn’t a citizen, and didn’t have a valid work permit.

The arrest was made late afternoon Thursday, and came about after the person whose Social Security number he was using had tried to file for benefits but was told he couldn’t do so because he was still working. That’s when the victim called Coulee Dam police.

Guzman has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the University of Washington, had taught on the west side of the state and has been at Lake Roosevelt High School since 2008.

Grand Coulee Dam School District Superintendent Dennis Carlson said Guzman had passed the Washington State Patrol background test and the Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint test.

Guzman is from Mexico.
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These are the kind of people that should NEVER be allowed back into the United States. Using Forged Documents (SS Card), No work visa or green card, in the US Illegally….. These are major crimes IMO, and should be dealt with swiftly! If you want to come to America, do it LEGALLY!


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