16 Republicans Vote To Move Forward on Gun Control

16 Republicans Vote To Move Forward on Gun Control

Colorado ––(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday, on the vote to proceed to debate on President Obama’s anti-gun agenda, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid succeeded in overcoming Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster. And 13 NRA “A Rated” Republicans and 9 “A Rated” Democrats voted to help him do it (Plus 2 more NRA “B Rated” politicians). I’m going to give you a list of these wolves in sheep’s clothing shortly, but our job now is crystal clear — let these turncoats know that any gun control that passes now is their fault. But first it’s absolutely critical you know where this fight is now headed . . .

Unfortunately, the timing of the coming fights is extremely difficult to predict at this point.

So you and I must be on guard every second. EVERY United States Senator needs to feel even more heat from Second Amendment supporters. You see, even among the 31 Senators who stood with Rand Paul for the filibuster, there are some who are scared of Harry Reid and the media that they may cave in on some kind of insider deal. Right now, the United States Senate could take up for discussion three amendments to S.649 as early as this evening, including:

  • *** The Feinstein Gun Ban, targeting rifles, shotguns and even handguns;
  • *** Magazine Bans, outlawing the importation, manufacture and sale of magazines holding more than just a handful of rounds;
  • *** The so-called “Toomey-Manchin” Universal “Background Check” (NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION) Bill, which was actually written by Chuck Schumer (D-NY).
  • The S.649 language itself — even apart from all of these amendments — includes ATF Witch Hunt provisions designed to terrorize gun owners.

With Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid now calling the shots after invoking cloture on Senator Paul’s heroic filibuster of the motion to proceed, he holds all of the cards as far as timing. If a vote becomes imminent, rest assured I will alert you IMMEDIATELY. But there’s one thing I can assure you. If you and I are going to hold off this madness, we’re going to have to fight back like never before. It won’t be easy. I believe we can. But the truth is, all of these assaults could have been turned back this morning.

In fact, if any bad legislation ultimately is passed into law, the blame can be laid at the feet at the following Republican turncoats who voted to end Senator Paul’s filibuster, including:

  • Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) – NRA A rated
  • Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) – NRA A rated
  • Richard Burr (N.C.) – NRA A rated
  • Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) – NRA A rated
  • Tom Coburn (Okla.) – NRA A rated
  • Susan Collins (Maine) – NRA C+ rated
  • Bob Corker (Tenn.) – NRA A rated
  • Jeff Flake (Ariz.) – NRA A rated
  • Lindsey Graham (S.C.) – NRA A rated
  • Dean Heller (Nev.) – NRA A rated
  • John Hoeven (N.D.) – NRA A rated
  • Johnny Isakson (Ga.) – NRA A rated
  • Mark Kirk (Ill.) – NRA F rated
  • John McCain (Ariz.) – NRA B+ rated
  • Pat Toomey (Pa.) – NRA A rated
  • Roger Wicker (Miss.) – NRA A+ rated

13 of these Senators have NRA “A-ratings.”

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