Obama’s 1 percent lifestyle hits a nerve

Obama’s 1 percent lifestyle hits a nerve

President Obama had another tough week in a second term filled with bad news  and blunders — and he’s only 10 weeks in.

While the White House suddenly decided to  drop its budget Friday in an effort to control the news, there was no covering  up the disastrous jobless numbers: 90 million Americans out of the workforce, the  highest level since 1979; another 663,000 joining the ranks of the long-term  unemployed; a measly 88,000 jobs “created.”

But what seems stuck in the craw of a lot of you readers out there was last  week’s column on the Obamas’ 1 percent lifestyle — the endless ski and beach  vacations for the couple and their daughters, Vice President Joseph  R. Biden’s nights in London and Paris that cost you more than $1 million,  even the president’s 118th round of golf while in office.

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When is enough, actually enough?



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