Obama has Daughters Ski Trip Report Scrubbed

White House Scrubs First Daughters Ski Trip Report

A local news affiliate in Idaho reported that the First Daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama, are on a Spring Break ski trip in Sun Valley, Idaho. The story quickly spread across the Internet when picked up by the highly trafficked Drudge Report website.
But hours later, the story disappeared from the KMVT website without an update or correction. Breitbart News confirmed that the White House requested that the post be removed. In March of last year, the White House requested media outlets remove accurate reports that Malia Obama was on a trip in Mexico with over two dozen Secret Service agents.

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Scrubbing News Reports and Documents is nothing new for Obama and his Cronies. They have scrubbed many stories and documents including Fast and Furious, The Bin Laden Raid, The Birth Certificate Debacle, Sandy Hook, Sylondra, and many more that could turn out bad for the Dictator In Chief! Obama is so used to scrubbing his past, that he has carried that with him to the White House!


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