Obama Gang Bullying Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Arizona law-enforcement veterans join Arpaio recall

Several retired Valley law-enforcement officials have joined the recall effort against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, criticizing him for using what they consider scare tactics to raise money to fight the recall. Respect Arizona is in the process of gathering signature petitions seeking to hold a recall election to oust Arpaio. The group obtained a letter — signed by Arpaio and paid for by the Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio campaign — that was e-mailed to conservative supporters urging financial donations to help fight the recall. In the letter, Arpaio said the Valley’s public safety was at stake in the recall. Without Arpaio, the letter said, those who would be in danger include single mothers whose children face “a rampant drug culture,” the hypothetical mother of a child killed by a drug dealer whom Arpaio is not able to keep in jail, and small-business owners whose livelihoods are threatened by illegal immigrants who have control over neighborhoods.
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Sheriff Joe has found out the hard way how the Obama Gang will try to make you pay for standing up against them, and doing the right thing! Good Luck Sheriff Joe Arpaio,…. let’s hope the people unite around this countries “Greatest Sheriff”!


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