Welcome to the United Socialist States of America

by Coach Semanko 6-28-2012

Today we became Venezuela, in the days to come we will become Cuba.

The Corrupt Obama Administration is leading the USA into the Abyss, yet most of the sheople are more than willing to follow. The Hope and Change these Half-Wits voted for is doing nothing for America, but it sure has it’s benefits to friends and family of these crooks in the government. Obama appeals to the Lazy, Freeloaders, that could care less how Obama’s spending spree is going to be paid for.

The Economy is beyond repair, the USA is bankrupt. The Bailouts were a fraud that got Dem’s in Congress richer, but put a burden on the taxpayer that will never get paid. The USA Debt has tripled, and Unemployment has doubled in Obama’s first 3 years. Obama’s “Green” Grants and Contracts are a total fraud, just look at all the money thrown away, and NOTHING from them is working.

Obamacare was forced down our throats, Dem votes were bought and paid for by the taxpayers. EVERY DIME THE GOVERNMENT SPENDS IS TAXPAYER MONEY! I had to say that, because most people in the USA are too stupid to realize it!

Obama has dowsized our military to a level that we will not be able to protect our country and it’s people. To give you an example, our Navy has the smallest fleet since WW1, yes World War One. Obama repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” but if you have not served in the military in a combat roll, you will not understand, and really have no right, or knowledge to say anything about it. Obama argued with Congress to Repeal a Military Ban on Bestiality and Sodomy, after trying to sneak it through on  the National Defense Authorization Act, but luckily it was not passed. For those not familiar, it is in Article 125 of the Military Code of Justice.

Obama has reduced our Nuclear capability to an even lower level than the Illegal treaty he signed with Russia, without Congressional Approval. Obama killed NASA, reducing our Astronauts to ride shotgun in a Russian and China owned space station. Obama’s Gang is responsible for many deaths in America and Mexico, including our own Border Agent Brian Terry, due to the infamous “Fast and Furious” that the media loves to ignore. Now Obama has Illegally used Executive power to hide documents from Fast and Furious from becoming evidence against his administration. Obama has given amnesty to about 3.6 million Illegal Aliens, and he did so Illegally.

Obama has declared war on Arizona, simply because Arizona was following US Immigration Laws that the Obama Administration refuses to follow. Obama was in power when 23 Navy SEALS were killed on one chopper, and there was no investigation to how and why they were all on the same bird. These 23 SEALS just happened to be from SEAL Team 6, the same team that supposedly took out Bin Laden.

Obama has backed Muslim Nations (The Muslim Brotherhood) time after time, in the takeovers of thier governments. Do Libya and Syria ring a bell? Palistine continues to be funded by American Taxpayer money, thanks to Obama and his Cronies, to fight against Israel. Now Libya and Syria are ran by Radical Muslims….. the same kind that killed almost 3000 Americans on 9/11.

With the power Obama has now achieved, if re-elected, it is plausable to say that his Gang of Cronies will drop “Term Limits”, making Obama President for life. Obama wants to be the Dictator forever, and he may even use an Executive Order to do so!

Also watch out for your Religious Freedom to be taken away, along with all of your guns and ammo. Obama and his manly looking wife are already telling us what we can and can’t eat, yet both of them gorge on fast foods on an almost daily basis. From Cradle to Grave, the new theme of the Obama Gang!

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