Things invented by NASA, now science will be set back 30 years in America!

By Coach Semanko
Some are major developments by NASA and some are inventions:
Water Reclamation
Water/Air purification
Climate monitering
Global positioning systems (GPS)
Heart pump
Lasik eye surgery
Various vaccines
New industries (hence future space exploration)
Enriched baby food
WD-40 (water disbursement fromula 40)
The cordless drill
Fireproof uniforms
Smoke detector
Freeze-dried foods
Lexcon (high impact plastic)
HEPA filtering
Memory Foam
Invisible Braces
Scratch-resistant Lenses
Ear Thermometer
Shoe Insoles
Long-distance Telecommunications
Safety Grooving (Concrete, Roads, Runways, ect)
Cordless Tools
Water Filters
Air-cushioned trainers
The hand-held vacuum cleaner
Firefighter breathing apparatus
Blankets for marathon runners
Pill transmitters
Faster racing cars (Carbon Fiber)
The roof of the Millennium Dome
Personal storm warning system
First detailed map of another planet
Car crash technology
Plane wing-tips (Winglet)
Battery-powered thermal boots
‘Anti-gravity’ treadmill
Hang gliders
Heat-absorbing sportswear (Under Armor, ect)
Lasers for Heart surgery
Life support for patients
Medicinal light- emitting diodes
Artificial limbs
Intelligent underwear (Breast Cancer detecting Bras)
Detection of forest fires
Chromosome analysis
Better brake systems for cars and trucks
The self-righting life raft
Home blood pressure kits
Hydraulic rescue cutters (Jaws of Life)
Satellite television
Voice-controlled wheelchairs
Mine-clearing technology
The first photos of Saturn’s rings

The Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty are both use paint developed to protect NASA launch structures from salt air corrosion, rocket exhaust and thermal stress.

Who do we have to thank for the end of NASA, and Childrens dreams of becoming an Astronaut? THANKS OBAMA!           Thank you for putting America’s technology leadership in the dark!


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