SEAL Team 6 Deaths Suspicious


by Coach Semanko

Something about the deaths of our SEAL Team 6 heroes dying in a chopper being shot down smells bad……..Really Bad! Why do 22 SEAL’s get on the same Chinook, and a Chinook flown by an Army National Guard Pilot? It never happens…………….. SEAL’s use multiple ecsape routes and rendezvous points, especially when leaving a hot firezone. None of it makes sense to me. Who ordered all 22 to get on the same craft? You never put all your eggs in one basket, but it happened and I want to know why. This is where the problem begins. Whoever gave the order should be fired and tried in a Military Court! You see, I still beleive with all my heart that this was a setup by the powers that be to coverup a coverup that was developed to coverup another coverup. Kind of like when you tell a lie and have to cover that lie with another lie to hide the truth and it keeps growing out of control. It all started with no Birth Certificate that turned into a fake birth certificate. The fake birth certificate was covered up by the fake Osama Bin Laden Raid. The SEAL’s were killed to hide the fake Osama Bin Laden Raid. All the ducks are lining up in a row!  What’s next?

From what the government is releasing, none of these Hero SEAL’s where actually involved in the fake Bin Laden Raid, but what a deterent to keep your mouth shut about the truth. All SEAL’s, along with the rest of the military, see’s what happens if you tell the truth. This has to be the most corrupt administration to ever grace the White House. Scandal after scandal, after scandal,………. when does it end? Why does the media refuse to cover this story as a Top Story? What is more important than losing 22 of the very best of the best? Why doesn’t the media cover the “Fast and Furious” story? Because they are also part of the coverups.

This country needs Hope and Change, so let’s Hope it’s not too late to Change all the damage the Obama Administration has done to this great country!

God Bless our troops, they are the best on earth, and they deserve better than this from our crooked government.


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